Information and other technology industries


Brave Digital Oy

Brave Digital is your lighthouse in the digital world. We show new ways of controlling, measuring and developing your business.

Our mission is to generate measurable success.We offer both the vision and the tools for improving internal processes, the customer experience and marketing digitally.


Laikas Oy

With its head office in the Ponsse partnership estate in Vieremä, Laikas Oy is a family-owned company serving the workshop engineering industry. Additionally, we have sites in Ylivieska, Oulu and Tornio. We market Kemppi welding machines and provide a complete range of products, solutions and services needed in a workshop. We lease Kemppi welding machinery for any periods of time from one day to years. Tool containers also available for on-site use.


Oy Lunawood Ltd

Oy Lunawood Ltd is an innovative pioneer in the production of thermowood and the international market leader. The company’s position is based on high-quality products and excellent customer service. Lunawood is goal-oriented company that employs over 60 people at its production plants in Iisalmi and Joensuu. The company’s production capacity is 62,000 m3 per year. Most of the production is exported.

The company’s success is built on personal service and excellent product quality. Its reputation as the leading thermowood supplier is based on innovation and respect for ecological values. Long-term customer relationships and strong partners are an important part of Oy Lunawood Ltd’s strategy.

Lunawood also manufactures composite thermowood. Designed for use on patios, the products are sold under the LunaComp brand.

UK-Muovi Oy

UK-Muovi Oy has been manufacturing plastic products for construction and industrial applications since 1963. We use EPS to make customised thermal insulation and soundproofing materials with specified dimensions and properties as well as various packages. For example, we use rotation casting to manufacture tanks and other large workpieces for the automotive industry, agriculture, etc. Injection moulding is used for making various fixings, packing pieces and other small items.