Electronics and the electrotechnical industry


E Avenue Oy

Manufacture of power distribution and control centres and related services. We manufacture centres for use in industrial processes, machinery and equipment and real estate properties.



Fibox Tested Systems Oy

Fibox Tested Systems supplies electric and automation systems for machine and equipment manufacturers and a wide range of industrial and energy companies. Aside from production, we assume responsibility for design, supplier selection, procurement and logistics. We have factories in Kiuruvesi and Tampere in Finland as well as Poland and China. This enables us to guarantee the highest standard of quality and reliable deliveries free of risks. For more details, visit our website. 



FinMeas Oy

FinMeas Oy is an expert in bedrock and soil measurements. Our services include automatic measurement of soil dislocation and settlement, temperature profiles, pore pressure and water levels as well as bedrock movements. FinMeas Oy generates valuable data on soil and bedrock phenomena automatically, efficiently and effortlessly.

Our customers include rail track and road maintenance companies, building contractors, structural designers, contractors and authorities in Finland and Europe.


Lapp Connecto Oy

Lapp Connecto Oy is a recognised supplier of electrification and service projects for machine and equipment constructors in Finland and selected market areas. We offer electrical design services, cable harnesses, cable harness assemblies, electric centres, distribution buses and bus ducts.