Mechanical engineering / manufacturing


Aikawa Fiber Technologies Oy

Aikawa Fiber Technologies (AFT) is an expert company specialising in pulp and paper making equipment, manufacturing and supplying spare parts and equipment for the stock preparation, screening and grinding phases, and for the short circulation of paper machines.

The Varkaus factory harnesses the latest technology to manufacture screening drums using robots and laser technology, perforated screen plates using conventional manufacturing techniques, drums, as well as mechanically assembled screening drums and rotors.


Alufer Oy

Alufer Oy is a Joroinen-based company established in 1986, specialising in the contractbased manufacture of complex sheet metal products.

We make sheet metal products with efficient state-of-the-art production machinery to exact customers requirements. Our relationship with customers and other interest groups is based on transparency, trust, commitment and long-term cooperation. For example, we have manufactured process measuring instruments for over 20 years. Alufer serves its customers in the Finnish and global markets. Among others, the company has major clients in the USA and Russia.

We use the latest mechanical technology for the manufacture of components, machining, welding, surface finishing and assembly.


ANDRITZ Oy is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pulp and paper industry systems, equipment and services. Its products relate to wood processing, fibre processes, chemicals recovery and stock preparation. Additionally, ANDRITZ offers a range of biomass boilers and gasification plants for energy production. ANDRITZ HYDRO Oy supplies systems, equipment and services to the hydropower industry.

Based in Varkaus, ANDRITZ supplies evaporation plants and recovery boilers to pulp mills as well as biomass boilers and gasification plants to pulp mills and the energy industry including related spare parts and maintenance services.


ANDRITZ Warkaus Works Oy

ANDRITZ Warkaus Works Oy supplies the most demanding pressure-bearing components for chemical recovery boilers and power boilers for industrial applications, and robotic solutions to improve customer processes and safety. The company has long and extensive experience in boiler manufacturing. ANDRITZ Warkaus Works Oy offer products and services for new boilers as well as rebuilds and modernizations of existing ones, in compliance with the quality criteria in the destination country. Products and services are delivered to global markets primarily through the ANDRITZ global organization, and the majority of the projects are exported to Europe, North and South America and Asia.


Arvo-Tec Oy

Arvo-Tec Oy develops and supplies circulating water plants to Finland, the most recent of which is Finnforel Oy's rainbow trout plant in Varkaus in the Stora Enso factory area. More information at


Best Line Oy

Best Line Oy is a Varkaus-based engineering subcontractor that specialises in machining heavy and semi-heavy components. Its core expertise relates to machining using vertical turning and boring machines, large centring lathes, broaching machines and machining centres.

The key customer segments are the energy and power transmission industries, process industry and machine construction.



Bilke firewood processors are provided with an automatic feed conveyor to facilitate and speed up work. The Bilke firewood processors developed by Lehtoniemen Metalli Oy have been sold directly from the company’s factory in Varkaus for 21 years.


Blaxar Oy

Blaxar Oy is a professional in demanding surface treatments with three decades of experience in the field. Blaxar Oy operates in Varkaus and Kokkola in Central Ostrobothnia.
In Varkaus
Surface treatment for industry
• Painting
• Hail
In Kokkola
Surface treatment for marine conditions
Surface treatment for industry
For special conditions
System vendor
• Hail
• Chemical treatment, anodizing
• Wet painting, powder firing


Bodycote Lämpökäsittely Oy

We specialise in enhancing the properties of steel grades (such as hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and strength) by means of thermal treatment. We are based in Pieksämäki and offer our services with the support of 30 years’ of experience, an international partner network and qualified personnel.


BP Asennus Oy

Welding, installation and installation supervision of pressure equipment, pipe systems and tanks.

Camman Oy

Founded in 2015, Camman Oy is a company specialising in the CNC programming of machine tools. Programming is carried out using the Mastercam software. Systems intended for turning, 3D and dynamic machining are available for engineering workshops. The software can also be used for simulating workpieces, testing processing lines and machining techniques and improving productivity.


Checkmark Oy

Oy Checkmark Ltd is a Finnish manufacturer of cash desks and cash register area furniture. Since 1993, the Group has delivered more than 27,000 cash desks to various stores in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company has its own subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The service chain includes customer-specific design, sales, manufacturing, delivery, installation, user training and a comprehensive service network. The company's production and business premises are located in Pieksämäki.

Ekin Muovi Oy

Special expertise in reinforced plastics. Established in 1981, Ekin Muovi is a solid familyowned company with extensive experience in reinforced plastics.

We design and manufacture reinforced plastic products to exact customer specifications. We offer a complete range of services from product development and design to manufacture and serial production. Automated plane cutting services also available! We cut fibres/fabrics and other such materials with a CNC plane cutting machine.


Elcoline Oy

Electrification and automation systems contracting and maintenance. HVAC contracting and maintenance services. Expert services: electricity quality monitoring, analyses and various inspections.


Erikoissorvaus M. Korhonen Oy

Established in Pieksämäki in 1988, Erikoissorvaus M. Korhonen Oy is a family-owned subcontractor specialising in machining. We offer CNC machining with six state-of-the-art units.


Fiskars Group

Fiskars was founded in 1649 and is the oldest company in Finland. Fiskars is a global consumer products company that serves consumers and customers around the world under internationally renowned brands such as Fiskars, Gerber, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Waterford and Wedgwood. Today, Fiskars has operations in about 30 countries and employs about 7,500 people internationally.
Sorsakoski's Fiskars cookware factory manufactures pans and pots. The manufactured products are of high quality and are made from recycled raw materials. The factory manufactures products made of both stainless steel and coated baking pans made of aluminum. In addition to production, important research and development work is carried out in Sorsakoski, which helps to create new innovations and ensure the first-class quality of Fiskars' products. All our products have been developed, designed and tested in Finland.

Flawless Welding Oy

Flawless Welding Oy is a metals company established in Varkaus in 2010. We specialise in the welding of bright metals, such as aluminium, nickel, titanium, acidproof and stainless steel grades, duplex and SMO.

Franke Finland Oy

Franke Finland Oy's product range includes sinks for home use, washbasins, cooker hoods, bathroom accessories and sanitary fixtures. Our factory built in 1970 is located in Naarajärvi, Pieksämäki.

Franke Medical Oy is Finland's leading manufacturer and supplier of instrument care equipment and supplies. Our customer-oriented approach combined with genuine cooperation for which we have received a great deal of positive feedback have laid the foundation for success that has lasted for over 40 years - as the only domestic washing and disinfection machine manufacturer. . Our customers and partners perceive us a partner whose products and services are unrivalled in terms of performance, design and durability. We do not take our position as the market leader for granted – instead, we are making every effort to retain it and continually improve our performance.


Gebwell Ltd

Gebwell Ltd. specialises in the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions. The company’s product range includes high-quality district heating substations, heat pumps, energy accumulator tanks and water heaters.
This wide selection of products provides suitable heating solutions for real estate units of all sizes: from one-family detached houses to apartment buildings and large industrial properties.
The Leppävirta-based Pivaset Oy, Finland’s leading manufacturer of fire extinguishing products, was merged to Gebwell Ltd. at the end of 2016. Fire extinguishing products will continue to be marketed under the Pivaset brand. Gebwell Oy’s head office and 20,000 m2 production facilities are located in Leppävirta.


Geotools Oy

Geotools Oy is a manufacturer of machined products based in Leppävirta. Its manufactu - ring services include turning, milling, machining, flame-cutting and welding. Our advanced machinery ensures high-quality products of great dimensional accuracy as well as quick deliveries.

Production series may range from one-off products to thousands of items. Our customer base consists of both Finnish and international technology companies.


HM Haapakoski Oy

Lock gates, valves, pipes and pipe components as well as other metal products have been made in Haapakoski since 1842 – for 175 years without interruption. Today HM Haapakoski Oy is a modern engineering workshop which – aside from gate locks, valves, pipes and pipe components – caters for a wide range of needs by manufacturing customised products from stainless and acidproof steel. The company is known for its efficient, customer-responsive service, solid expertise in metals as well as for its long experience in the manufacture of lock gates and valves and, above all, its reliable and cost-effective products.

HögforsGST Oy

HögforsGST Oy is a Finnish trailblazer in its sector specialising in the manufacture, sales and marketing of high-quality district heating and cooling systems and industrial heating and cooling plants.

The company’s product range includes district heating centres from low-rise one-family houses to large real estate properties, district cooling centres and special solutions for indust - rial heating and cooling. Additionally, we manufacture component families that extend the service life of heating and cooling systems at reduced maintenance cost. The products are equally suitable for new construction and renovation projects.

HögforsGST Oy is authorised to use the Key Flag Symbol and the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark of the Association for Finnish Work.

Jarmatic Oy

Jarmatic Oy is a Leppävirta-based metals company established in 2005. It manufactures sheet metal products and provides powder painting services. The company also operates as a subcontractor making HVAC products, fire safety and filing cabinets, luggage and bag lockers as well as ergonomic office products.

We work with customers right from product design stage to determine the optimum produc - tion method suitable for the machinery available.

JN QualityExpert Oy

JN Quality Expert Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets products and solutions which increase work productivity and improve ergonomy and working safety in forestry, agriculture and other tractor driven work machine environments.
The innovative Kilpi - product family presents durable Kilpi Light - trailer tail lights, ergonomic Kilpi telescopic supports for hydraulic valve manifolds and quick couplings for tractor driven acricultural and other work machines. All our products are CE - approved.
Our online web store serves you 24/7. Next day shipping for all stocked products.

Jormet Oy

Jormet Oy is a family-owned full-service machine shop that manufactures machine parts and machining for the needs of technological pioneers.

We always meet the needs of heavy industry from 3D modeling material procurement, welding, machining, surface treatment and quality assurance.

Jot Works Oy

Jot Works is a full-service engineering workshop and installation supplier. Our expertise is divided into three areas:

Project management: Complex repair and steel frame projects, such as road bridge renovations and bridge installations.

Manufacturing services: The manufacture of machines and equipment assemblies, such as frame structures, machine frames, machine beds, gearboxes and process industry equipment components.
JOT WORKS Oy is EN1090-1:2009+A1:2011-certified (EXC1, EXC2, EXC3) and authorised to manufacture steel structures for complex installation projects.

Installation services: Our qualified mechanics ensure successful completion of projects according to the agreed schedule using in-house installation tools.



We manufacture metal products and components for companies as well as private individuals and carry out installations. We perform all welding and assembly of steel structures with solid professional skill. We offer both subcontracting services as well as temping workers for customer sites. Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our operations.
Our product range includes:

  • Railings
  • Platforms
  • Overflow tanks
  • Steel structures to CE-1090 requirements
  • Rolling stock components and components to CE-15085 requirements


KPA Unicon Oy

KPA Unicon is a Finnish energy technology company specialising in the supply of integrated boiler and power plant projects and the provision of life cycle services. Its machines running on both biofuels and fossil fuels are extremely energy-efficient. The company employs about 255 people and its main sites are located in Pieksämäki and Kiuruvesi.


Kurko-Koponen Oy

A recognised and reliable hoisting services operator since 1961.

We offer first-rate hoisting services across Finland based on over 50 years’ experience, top-of-the-range fleet, careful planning and qualified staff. Over the years, we have received a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers for the reliability of the services delivered. We offer the right equipment at the right time in the right place.

We design and manufacture Kurko Crane lorries capable of delivering full hoisting capacity across 360 degrees. Sale of these products tested in regular service conditions was begun in 2016. Pick up the handset and we will take care of the rest.   


Lehtoniemen Metalli Oy

Contract supplier of engineering industry systems.





Liekkiloukku® fire protection grate, safe extinguisher for liquid fires.

Liekkiloukku® is a new and innovative fire protection grate based on the structural extinguishing of liquid fires, which also functions as a working and passage level in accordance with the standard SFS-EN ISO 14122.





LK Porras Oy

LK Porras Oy designs, manufactures and installs steel spiral staircases, straight steel stairs and related structures for industry and builders. The products are manufactured in Leppävirta, Northern Savonia, where our family business was founded in 1974.

Thanks to its modularity, we are able to deliver stairs and related structures even faster and more cost-effectively. Modularity is the result of our continuous development work: we are happy to challenge the way the industry operates and look for new ways of working that also benefit our customers.

MAKI Service Engineering Oy

MAKI Service Engineering Oy is a service company that helps energy industry operators execute projects efficiently and competitively focusing on design, manufacture and installation. The range of services to be provided is determined within the limits of the customer’s budget and timetable. Our primary goals are customer satisfaction, occupational safety and timely execution of projects.


MetalMix Oy

Metalmix Oy is a engineering workshop that manufactures products to order for the power generation and process industry.

MHplan Oy

MHplan Oy is a subcontractor and service company established in 2008 catering for the metal industry. Our personnel consists of qualified welders, mechanics and installation supervisors.

We also manufacture, install and weld plate and steel structures and pipe systems to exact customer requirements. Additionally, we offer industrial mechanical maintenance, welding, machine and equipment installation services as well as other contract-manufacturing services.

We lease qualified personnel for machine and equipment installations, maintenance and servicing, plate and steel structure manufacturing, pipe installations and welding as well as for the supervision of installation and manufacture at engineering workshops world wide.

MOS Engineering Oy

We provide quality engineering services to client companies. Our services include project management, installation supervision, design, consulting and documentation. We operate internationally and have the expertise to carry out many projects.


MV-Welding Oy

Manufacture of pipelines and pressure vessels as well as industrial maintenance.


Nordic Power Service Oy

Established in 2011, Nordic Power Service Oy specialises in the servicing and repair of power plant boilers and process industry equipment and machinery. The company’s clientele consists of power plant boiler manufacturers and the process industry.


OC-System Oy

OC-System Oy is a developer, manufacturer and project supplier of high-quality mesh panel walls, protective walls, soundproof spaces and work spaces. Products supplied by OC-System Oy are used in environments where access to hazardous or otherwise restricted areas must be limited, or where the structures must have excellent soundproofing performance.



Oravikosken Konepaja Oy, ORKP

Manufacture of pipeline support systems and steel structures for the process and power plant industry. Finnish agent for the German pipeline support manufacturer Lisega AG.



Oy Clean Flame Ltd.

Complete burner system deliveries and maintenance services. Manufacture of SNCR equipment and boiler components.


Paristeel Oy

Paristeel Oy is a company specialising in the manufacture of sheet metal and mechanical products as well as the delivery of mechanical assemblies. Products are made both individually and in series. One key area is the manufacture of prototypes as well as the design and development of product manufacturability in consultation with customers.

Our customers are leading machine and equipment manufacturers operating in the global and domestic markets, and our products are used in numerous countries throughout the world in industrial machines, process equipment, control rooms, electricity distribution centres, etc. Our extensive experience of more than 30 years, highly qualified staff and specifically adapted machinery ensure the individuality, high quality and flexibility of deliveries.


Parmarine Oy

Parmarine Oy is a Finnish company specialising in the manufacture of bathrooms and sauna washrooms for the construction industry as well as fire doors for the shipbuilding industry.

Pertemet Oy

Pertemet Oy is an experienced contract manufacturer in the technology industry. We help domestic and international companies to succeed by completing and accelerating our customers ’production processes by delivering the parts and assemblies they require. We have invested heavily in the latest technology and its usability in production. Our core competencies are various sheet metal, welding and assembly work. We can also do robot welding for large pieces. Our flexible production is suitable for both serial and single piece production. Our customers appreciate our ability to supply them with high quality products at competitive prices without compromising security of supply.

Pesutekno Oy

For more than a quarter of century, Pesutekno machines have delivered excellent cleaning performance. Our advanced cleaning programmes offer a solution for a wide range of disinfection and cleaning processes. The products are ideal for cleaning knives, metal gloves, protective aprons, barrels, moulds, trays as well as greasy machine parts and accessories. Our products are extremely reliable: some of the washing machines made in the 1980s are still in operation.


PHK Works Oy

PHK Works Oy is an engineering workshop based in Pieksämäki. Our operations are divided into three areas: Manufacture of rolling stock components (certificates EN 15085-2 and ISO 3834-2), railway switch components, and development of customer’s production methods/work tools. The company also operates under the parallel trade name of PHK Rail.


Piako Oy

Piako Oy is a company specialising in the superstructures of commercial vehicles. We manufacture and install superstructures to exact customer requirements. Our customers include logistics companies, municipalities, cities and commercial vehicle dealerships. Our market area covers Finland and Sweden.


Pieksämäen Rautarakenne Oy

Pieksämäen Rautarakenne possesses extensive experience in the manufacture and installation of various metal structures. We manufacture one-off structures and serial products either made-to-measure or as a supplier of complete assemblies. If necessary, we also assume responsibility for the servicing and maintenance of the delivered products. As well as our own products, we also install other steel structures in response to an order or on a subcontracting basis.

Our product range includes steel structures and frames, steel and aluminium doors, window frames, stairs and wheelchair ramps. All our steel structures are CE marked. Our services are based on the identification of customer needs and the specific features of each project, covering the entire process from design to manufacture and installation. We have a permanent network of partners, which allows us to complete extensive deliveries by drawing upon the know-how, methods and delivery capacity of our partners.


PK Kanavat Oy

Established in 1988, PK Kanavat Oy is a private company based in South Savo and manufacturing ventilation ducts and components. All ducting and components for both renovation and new construction purposes are made to exact customer specifications. Additionally, we build machine rooms and manufacture flashings and other sheet metal products for DIY builders.

Our production facilities are located in Pieksämäki which offers excellent transport connections to all parts of Finland. We also operate our own transport fleet which delivers the products to the specified destination on the specified date – a service greatly appreciated by our customers. At the same time, we make every effort to reduce the environmental impact of our end products by recycling waste materials as efficiently as possible.


Power Steel Oy

Joroinen-based Power Steel Oy founded in 2006 operates as a subcontractor manufacturing steel structures for the construction industry and engineering workshops. Additionally, the company carries out general installations of steel structures as well as installations at industrial maintenance and repair sites. The company’s policy is to make high-quality projects at affordable prices to exact customer specifications. Our ambition is to maintain a high standard of operations and develop it in response to customer needs. The company is EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011-certified (EXC1, EXC2, EXC3).


Pro-Tot Oy

Pro-Tot Oy is a total industrial supplier - a technical partner. Our services are divided into three sections Manufacturing, Installation, Service. Within these service industries work machinists, welders and pipe welders, Solidworks designers, mechanical installers, electricians.

We offer our customers:



RollTest Oy

Founded in 1990, RollTest Oy is a financially solid company specialising in contract manufacturing and equipment construction. We offer a complete range of contract manufacturing services; high-precision machining; mechatronics assembly and testing; design of mechanical, electrical and automation systems including related expert services; as well as spare parts and life cycle services. Our special field of expertise is the design and manufacture of measuring instruments, production automation systems, mechatronic products as well as other products incorporating advanced engineering, electronics and automation technology. Other services include the design, manufacture and commissioning of machinery, equipment and prototypes and project management services. Another area of advanced expertise is the production of small series of high-precision turned and milled components.

RST Lapit Oy

Special metals expertise. Established in 1992, RST Lapit Oy is a solid family-owned company with extensive experience in metals. We design and manufacture metal products to exact customer specifications. We also offer water jet cutting services with 3D cutters capable of cutting pipes.


Sahala Works Oy

Sahala Works is a company specializing in custom-made workshop operations, whose main products are the sale, manufacture and delivery of demanding pressure equipment and other heavy and cylindrical workshop products. Our most important customers are nuclear power plants, conventional power plants and biopower plants, as well as the pulp, petrochemical and chemical industries.


Sisä-Savon Pipe&Welding Service Oy

Sisä-Savon Pipe & Welding Service Oy, PWS Oy is a Varkaus-based engineering subcontractor that specialises in pipe bending, welding and the manufacture of pressurized assemblies for use in the boiler, power generation and process industry.


SKM Stainless Oy

SKM Stainless Oy workshop is very traditional and trustful overall supplier of stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels and pipings. Workshop history leads until 1950s when Hackman started to manufacture stainless steel process tanks at Sorsakoski. In these current facilities Leppävirta workshop has been operating since 1996. 
Leppävirta Workshop supplies differend kind of tanks, pipings and machine component. Scope of supply can include following: material. fabrication, design, engineering and erection. For us differend grade of stainless steel materials like duplex, super duplex, and titanium are not rare.
Examples of suplied products: pressure vessel, differend kind of tanks, reactors, scrubber, channels, pipes, pipe parts and prefabricated pipe line spools.


SK-Tools Oy

We manufacture and design cutting, deep drawing, bending and queuing tools for eccentric and hydraulic presses.

We manufacture machine parts and spare parts required for machine maintenance according to drawings or models in individual pieces or small series.
Our maintenance service covers preventive and maintenance service as well as repairs.

The industry's special expertise guarantees accurate dimensional accuracy and a carefully finished result. Our professional staff and efficient machinery enable versatile solutions and fast schedules without compromising on quality.

Sorsakosken Konepaja Oy

Sorsakosken Konepaja Oy specialises in the manufacture of complex tuber heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Additionally, the production programme includes pipe systems, tanks, process equipment and other pressure bearing and pressureless engineering products including installation. Other services are quality management, equipment dimensioning in compliance with TEMA and PED standards, design, materials procurement, manufacture, documentation and installation.

The company’s roots lie in the business operations of Mesera Sorsakoski Oy and Sorsakoski Works Oy. Our personnel possesses extensive experience in the design and manufacture of engineering products, pressure equipment and, in particular, tube heat exchangers. Our premises are located in Sorsakoski, an industrial area in North Savo steeped in tradition.

SSG Sahala Oy

SSG Sahala is industry life cycle services specialized company. Our services include the whole set of total maintenance services, condition monitoring, and extensive maintenance and installation projects. Our workshops manufacture the customized products needed in different manufacturing and process plants. Our ambition is to know our customers and their special needs and to offer individually customized services in single projects and for long time cooperation with life cycle services.

SSG HEX is SSG Sahala business unit that is specialized in heat and energy technology. Main products are heat exchangers and demanding pressure vessels.


Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW)

Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW) is a global, innovative provider of energy and environmental technologies and services focusing on high efficiency and flexible generation of energy. Our solutions expand from our world leading circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology, to long duration cryogenic energy storage solutions, flue gas cleaning, gasification, waste heat boilers and a full spectrum of services for the global power and industrial markets. We strive to provide sustainable energy solutions for a wide portfolio of customer needs in the fields of power generation, energy storage and network services. SFW’s quality and service rely on our 1,500 talented people with deep know-how and experience in the industry.


Suomi-Hitsaus Oy

Suomi-Hitsaus Oy is a metals company based in Pieksämäki. We offer welding and installation services primarily on a subcontracting basis.


SuomiLaser Oy

Established in 2012, SuomiLaser Oy focuses on providing laser plate cutting and reprocessing services for manufacturing companies.


Supset Oy

Supset Oy, a contract manufacturer based in Leppävirta, North Savo, focuses on CNC machining services. Our company was established in 2005 and currently employs 17 industry professionals. We manufacture customised components and assemblies to exact customer requirements. All products are designed using the SolidWorks design software. Our key values are customer orientation, integrity and willingness to be of service. Our ambition is to engage in long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with our contract customers. With our extensive network of partners, we can also provide welding, surface finishing, thermal treatment and painting services for the products.


Temoni Oy


Temoni Oy is a Pieksämäki-based agile engineering workshop that offers a full range of welding and metal-working services (subcontracting, assembly work, prototypes, welding...). Contact us and tell us what you need and we will see how we can help you.

TH Sermec Oy

Industrial mechanical maintenance, machine and equipment construction, installations and steel structures.

U-Cont Oy

U-Cont Oy manufactures products for the energy industry ranging from process systems to tanks and substations. Additionally, U-Cont offers a wide selection of other services, such as concept development, design, project management, installation and maintenance. U-Cont Oy is a family-owned business established in 1966 with its head office and production plant located in Joroinen. Additionally, U-Cont has an office in Krakow, Poland.



VarFer Konepaja Oy

VarFer is a medium-sized engineering workshop providing flexible, individual customer service. We carry out extensive machining jobs and pipework installations, finish plates and steel structures and offer welding and installation services. Our heavy-duty machinery combined with production facilities with a floor area of 1,400 m2 ensure quick and reliable service in all operations from the manufacture of individual pieces of process equipment to advanced machining of serially produced items.


Varpa-Set Oy

Varpa-Set Oy is a metal-working company founded in 1992. We specialise in machining metals and plastics on a subcontracting basis. Our main services are turning, milling, drilling and threading. We manufacture both one-off items and series. The most commonly used raw materials are Fe, 41CrMo, stainless steel, acidproof steel, aluminium and various plastics.

As our heat treatment plant is located next door, heat treatment of finished products can be provided at short notice. Other services available for the products through our partner network include electroplating and hot-dip zinc coating, painting and sandblasting. We also provide welding services.

VR Fleetcare

VR FleetCare is a seasoned rail traffic expert. We improve the competitiveness of our customers by combining innovative technology and strong rail traffic expertise into one customer-oriented service. Safety is at the core of everything we do.

We are a maintenance service provider and a partner in responsible lifecycle management, offering cost-effective maintenance and modernisation of rolling stock through smart utilisation of state-of-the-art technology.

VR FleetCare is one of the largest industry players in Pieksämäki. We operate at three locations, all of which have their own role in ensuring smooth maintenance. In addition to operational service and heavy maintenance, Pieksämäki is responsible for, among other things, component production and surface treatment. The workshop also has its own machine shop and facilities for large welding work for industrial needs


VV-Work Oy

Since 2003, water cutting services for all materials. Flexible and fast service with the capacity of four Aliko cutting units. Table sizes: 1500x3000 one cutting head, 3100x6100 on two heads,
3600x4600 with four heads and 2100x4100 with two heads. Edging services 3000mm / 150tn.
In addition, Vento Steel Oy, which operates in the same premises, offers welding, assembly and machining services: cnc / manual milling machines and turning services with manual forks.