Information and other technology industries


ActiveSoft Oy

A software house specialising in Internet applications, ActiveSoft Oy offers reliable Internet and software solutions characterised by their ease of installation, use and maintenance. Our main product is the Julius booking system that allows users to monitor booking calendars and make reservations online using a browser. Julius includes interfaces to several other systems (e.g. invoicing, access control, online payment and MS Exchange) to ensure speed and maximum ease of use.


Actiw Oy

Actiw Oy offers intralogistics solutions for international markets. Actiw specialises in automatic storage and truck and container loading systems intended for global corporations manufacturing and distributing consumer goods as well as companies that use containers for shipments.



Engit Oy

Engit Oy offers ICT services to corporate and private customers. We provide our customers comprehensive cloud services, office 356, network, mobile, device and maintenance services with more than 20 years of experience. We offer DNA Corporation operator services for companies and private customers. In addition, we provide comprehensive IT, mobile, computer and peripheral equipment. IT equipment and part of the billable support work is also available under a leasing agreement to companies through our partner Grenke Leasing. Feel free to ask about other IT solutions if you need.


Hydro-Set Oy

We are a hydraulics company based in Varkaus. We offer a full range of products for existing and new systems. We carry out design and installation and provide consultation services related to hydraulics and pneumatics. Additionally, we make complete deliveries comprising the design and installation of mechanical components including electrification and automation.


Jukitech Group Oy

Jukitech Group Oy is a technology company established in 2016. Its main product is JMS ((Jukitech Measurement System) and related development work. Additionally, the company carries out leakage measurements on pneumatic systems and 3D printing of small items.

NeoCodex Oy

NeoCodex Oy is a versatile supplier of industrial process-oriented ICT solutions. Our values are high quality, customer satisfaction, responsibility and innovation. We always look to achieve the best solution to generate added value for customers. We engage in close cooperation with out stakeholders and seek to grow the business responsibly. With extensive experience in this line of work and highly skilled staff, we are in a position to support our clients’ process-oriented ICT projects throughout their life cycle.

NeoCodex Oy is a flexible and reliable partner, as shown by the large number of satisfied customers in Finland and abroad.

SoftRain Blobs Oy

SoftRain is a software and hardware company, founded in 2007, and located in Varkaus. We develop industry and business software and hardware solutions.

Company's staff have a long work history in multinational automation and telecommunication companies which gives them extensive experience in software and hardware development, implementation, testing and maintenance.