Electronics and the electrotechnical industry

Elsor Oy

Founded in Suonenjoki in 1983, Elsor Oy manufactures LED lighting applications. The company designs and manufacturers LED fixtures for demanding conditions as well as industrial machine vision applications. The latest product family is quick-to-install LED units incorporated in the frames of old fluorescent tubes. 


Havil Oy

Havil Oy Electrical and process design, preparation and updating of electrical and other drawings (CADS software), electrification, instrumentation and accessories, project management and process development, thermal imaging, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.

Motor drives, gearboxes and frequency converters, industrial equipment, instruments and measuring devices, agricultural fire alarm systems, condition audits of electrical equipment, alarm and control systems.



Mitasoros Oy

Repair of electrical equipment and manufacture of LED lighting fixtures.
E-mail: tim@mitasoros.fi
Halolanmäentie 19
77600 Suonenjoki
Tel.: +358 500 301180


Pasielektro Oy

Pasielektro Oy We design and manufacture cable harnesses for vehicles and machines. Additionally, we make actuator and machine signs from plastic and stainless steel blanks.