Electronics and the electrotechnical industry



E Avenue Oy

We are a Finnish central manufacturer and we operate with five locally employing more than 200 people. The electrical switchboards we manufacture are an absolute part of the industryto the best. The safety and quality of our products are the basic principles of our operations. Our products are certified quality products. In our products we use only the best components from well-known manufacturers. Our customers get all the power distribution centers they need from one manufacturer. Our own sheet metal mechanics manufacturing also enables customer-specific structures. With our large capacity and expertise we are able to serve our customers faster, better and more comprehensively



Elektropoint Oy

Electronics contract manufacturing.



Norelco Oy

Norelco manufactures electricity distribution and control centres, compensation systems, transformer substations and substations for the Finnish and international markets. Our customers include energy and industrial companies as well as electrical contractors.



POK Group Oy

POK Group is a supplier of advanced electricity distribution systems and a reliable partner. With two products lines (OMA and MEGA), we are able to reach the right target groups quickly and efficiently. We operate a supply chain embracing everything from components to end products. POK Group offers a unique centralised concept in electric centre production based on a new way of thinking and customer-responsive approach.

OMA is a specialised product line for domestic electricity distribution needs. Our extensive range of standard products and customer-specific small electrical centres provide a prime choice for powering up your home. The MEGA product line specialises in electrical distribution solutions that are designed to meet specific customer needs. The MEGA product line covers electricity distribution applications for both industry and buildings, as well as for manufacturing equipment and machinery.