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APL Systems Oy

Do you hear where the fault is? - AuresSound ™ method for identifying industrial faults

APL Systems has been doing voice-based fault detection of industrial equipment for more than a decade.
AuresSound ™ our product detects deviations in the sound of production equipment, eg pumps. Deviations are clearly reported: where the fault is, when the fault was detected, what it is about.

Our AuresSound ™ products are based on intelligent algorithms and computational models that look for deviations from the characteristic sounds of industrial objects and equipment. The identification of deviations is based on analyzes of both the frequency level and the total amount of sound energy.
We have done about 200 projects in different industry segments. We are therefore a leading organization that uses summation based on sound energy for fault analysis.
We help identify and prevent fault situations or maintenance needs at your facility.


FinnEnergia Oy

FinnEnergia’s smart energy-efficiency solutions are highly advanced. They make environmentfriendly and economical technical concepts available to all organisations and consumers. Applications based on continuous monitoring and optimisation are an easy and cost-efficient way of contributing to the common energy-saving efforts and so mitigate climate change.

  • Demand flexibility solutions for smart grids
  • Optimisation of heating
  • Real-time energy measurements
  • Water consumption management

Contact FinnEnergia when you want to check the technical condition of your real estate property and the performance of fixed energy solutions. Expert audits and inspections and the measures taken in response to the findings help ensure the energy performance of buildings and the condition and safety of structures for a long time to come.

  • Energy analyses and inspections
  • Condition and moisture surveys
  • Indoor air analyses
  • Tightness measurements



Partshotel and the services it provides worldwide are the result of Kuopio-based innovation and know-how.
Partshotel is a quick and easy way to locate product availability with stock balances from Partshotel's virtual warehouse. The Partshotel makes everyone more efficient.


JMK Instruments Oy

JMK Instruments Oy is a FINAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory. We are specialised in calibrating the online grammage and moisture sensors used in pulp, paper and board production. The calibration enables better control of raw material consumption and production quality. On pulp drying lines the calibration improves also the reliability of pulp invoicing.

We use the registered trademark PRECICAL. Our main markets are in Finland and Sweden.