Mechanical engineering / manufacturing


Airmist Oy

Founded in 1988, Airmist Oy is a family-owned company manufacturing ventilation system components. Primarily it makes square ducts and duct parts including components for machine rooms, conveyor channels, steam domes and flashings. The production facilities are located in the Toivala small industry estate north of Kuopio.

Our operations are based on advanced professional skills acquired over the years and the use of state-of-the-art machinery. A central location combined with efficient logistics ensure quick and reliable deliveries directly to the customer site.


Autorobot Finland Oy

Established in 1969, Autorobot Finland Oy is a family-owned metals company. It manufactures collision repair equipment and measuring systems for repairing collision-damaged vehicles as well as shore docks for boaters.

Autorobot Finland Oy operates globally and its products have been delivered to 76 countries. The company’s production facilities are located in the Neulamäki industrial estate in Kuopio.,


Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy

Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy is a strong partner for customers in industrial projects and maintenance.

We offer mechanical and electrical, as well as instrumentation services  throughout the life cycle of an industrial facility, taking into account health, environmental and safety requirements.
The portfolio covers projects, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance as well as turnarounds.
Our customer base covers for example, chemical-, petrochemical-, metal-, wood processing industrial and energy production.
Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy has about 500 industrial professionals in Finland and we are part of the Bilfinger SE Group with over 40,000 professionals.




Econosto Oy

Econosto Oy supplies advanced valves, safety devices, regulators, level gauges and condensate drain valves for shipyards, industry and power plants in Finland and abroad. We also carry out design, assembly and safety valve adjustments. All our products are certified for industrial use.

Econosto was established in 1987. Our solid experience of this line of work, extremely large stocks (with some 50,000 products under the same roof) and engagement in several branches of industry ensure customised expert service of the highest standard.


Hydroline Oy

A family-owned business, Hydroline Oy is Finland’s leading company specialising in the design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders for heavy-duty use and providing life cycle services. It is a pioneering hydraulics company and one of the most advanced operators in this field internationally. Hydroline’s customers include a number of the world’s foremost machine and equipment manufacturers operating in their respective fields. Its success is based on 50 years’ experience and its commitment to respond to all customer needs.

Aside for custom-made cylinders, the company’s product range includes piston-operated pressure accumulators, system assembly and a wide range of services, such as servicing and maintenance as well as maintenance tools and solutions. The company’s modern production facilities are located in Vuorela and Siilinjärvi, Finland, and Stargard Szczecinski, Poland. Hydroline has set its sights on growth and international expansion.


JR-Oils Oy

JR-Oils Oy is a Kuopio-based family-owned company that specialises in hydraulics, compressed air and industrial maintenance. We offer prompt personal support and service for all customers characterised by easy access, reliability, experience and expertise. We respond to a wide range of needs from design and development to problem-solving, maintenance or procurement of spare parts. We help with everything from single components to large assemblies and anything in between. Most of our customers are companies based in Kuopio and North Savo as well as private individuals.


Junttan Oy

Kuopio-based Junttan Oy is the world’s leading company specialising in the design, manu - facture, marketing, sales and servicing of hydraulic piling equipment. The company operates globally with products delivered to more than 45 countries.


Kuopion Konepaja Oy

We offer affordable solutions for maintenance and repair operations as well as machining services and thermal spraying on a subcontracting basis. We are known for our high quality and reliability of supply as well as short delivery times when necessary. Aside from maintenance machining and thermal spraying, our range of services includes CNC machining, dynamic balancing, repair of articulated shafts as well as Scotchkote ceramic surfacer coatings. Additionally, we supply customised hardmetal and aluminium oxide products for industrial uses.


Kuopion Kuumasinkitys Oy

Kuopion Kuumasinkitys Oy is a company specialising in metal finishing. The company has operated in the Neulamäki industrial estate in Kuopio since 1982. Over the years, we have gained valuable insight into hot-dip zinc coating and developed our activities to meet the highest standard of quality. Most of our customers are companies engaged in the construc - tion, workshop engineering and metal industry.


Kuopion Rakenneasennus Oy

Kuopion Rakenneasennus Oy founded in 1987 is an engineering subcontractor. We manufacture medium and heavy-duty steel structures for building and infrastructure contractors and industry. We also work together with numerous other construction firms by assisting in less extensive projects. We operate throughout Finland. We specialise in the manufacture and installation of frame structures, bridge frames, platforms, chimneys, stairca - ses and tanks. Other services includes welding, repair, demolition and installation as well as surface finishing such as hot-dip zinc coating and protective painting. All products are manufactured to SFS EN 1090-2 +A1 requirements. We are authorised to CE-mark products up to the execution class EXC3.



Paakkilan Konepaja Oy

Paakkilan Konepaja Oy specialises in the manufacture of medium-duty sub-assemblies requiring advanced welding and machining. Our core competence relates to the manufacture of gearbox casings, valve and bearing housings, frames and swivels. The production chain includes design, sheet metal working, robot and manual welding, stress relief annealing, CNC machining, surface finishing, assembly and trial operation. To ensure a high standard of quality, we perform 3D measurements to an accuracy of micrometers in the X-2000, Y-3000 and Z-2000 dimensions.

Paakkilan Konepaja Oy was founded as a family-owned company in 1978 and its operations are based on long-term customer relationships many of which have evolved into close partner relationships.



Paineteho Oy

Paineteho Oy is a family-owned company established in 1979. An expert in hydraulics and pneumatics, we design, manufacture and market hydraulic and pneumatic systems including related components and offer maintenance, installation and repair services for industry, equipment manufacturers and mobile machine operators.


Pettersteel Oy

PetterSteel is Finland's largest building sheet metal partner and manufacturer of modern sheet metal products.
You can save time, money and effort with our comprehensive building paneling service. If necessary, we do everything from sheet metal design to products and installations - on time and with high quality. The PetterSteel solution makes it easier to manage the site as a whole and reduces the burden on work management.

We have been manufacturing high quality sheet metal moldings and parts since 2009. Ordering sheet metal products from us is convenient, the products are dimensionally accurate and deliveries are regular. All our sheet metal products are manufactured at our own production plant in Kuopio. We have boldly reformed the building sheet metal industry since our establishment in 2008 and have grown into the largest Finnish manufacturer of custom-made moldings. We operate all over Finland and already employ more than 50 people.


Rammy Oy

Product development, manufacture and sale of accessories for all terrain vehicles (ATVs).



Samesor Oy

Samesor delivers advanced production lines for the fabrication of sheet metal products such as metal roof tile panels and steel frames for the construction industry. Over the past 50 years, we have delivered close to 1,000 production lines world wide.






Simetek Works Oy

Simetek is a contract manufacturer, engineering subcontractor and maintenance partner based in Siilinjärvi. We offer a complete service chain from design, manufacturing and installation to maintenance. Our customers include process industry companies, heating and energy facilities as well as machine and equipment constructors.

Our strengths lie in extensive experience, the skills and competence of our 50 qualified professionals and diversified machinery. Our close understanding of the customer’s production processes helps solve problems. Our solid project expertise and machine shop capacity ensure that projects are completed exactly on time to a high standard of quality.


Somotec Oy

Somotec is a company specialising in solutions designed to prevent corrosion and wear. We offer a wide range of high-quality products for the mining, steel, infrastructure and process industry.

  • Hardweld-coated wear plates and components
  • Hard-welded pipes and pipe fittings
  • Special and hard-weld filler metals Welding rods and wires, solders
  • Pickling agents and supplies
  • Design
  • Training


SP Stainless Oy

We manufacture pipelines, piping prefabrications and equipment for the needs of the process industry. Our quality system is certified and meets the requirements of the standard SFS-EN ISO 9001: 2015. The welding system is also certified and meets the requirements of the standard SF-EN Iso 3834-2.

We are a comprehensive subcontracting machine shop for industrial needs. Take a look at our services and get in touch so we can find the right service solutions for you.


Stera Technologies Oy

Stera Technologies Oy is a contract manufacturer specialising in mechanics and electronics. With decades of experience in the field, advanced production expertise in mechanics and electronics and modern machinery, we are a competitive partner of the highest calibre.


Suomen Elektropinta Oy

Suomen Elektropinta Oy was established in Kuopio in 1995 to offer industrial coating services for metals companies in eastern Finland. Our operations are based on a fast-cycle rotation of materials, reliable deliveries and consistently high quality.

The Opticoat8 product optimisation service introduced in 2010 is designed to provide solutions to the product challenges faced by customers by optimising the choice of coatings and materials. Customised services from product designers’ information service to coating measurements are available for this purpose. Opticoat8 is also our ERP system certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements. We cater for all for coating needs from product development to industrial production. All our coatings meet the applicable RoHS, WEEE and ELV requirements.

Our coating team welcomes you to the world of coating!


Toivalan Metalli Oy

Toivalan Metalli Oy is a professional steel company that has operated as a subcontractor in Toivola, Siilinjärvi, since 1978. We are known as hard-working people who deliver uncompromising quality based on a solution-driven approach.

Our range of services includes:

  • Metal working
  • Laser cutting
  • Sheet metal work
  • Pipe bending
  • CE-marked load-bearing steel structures
  • 3D printing

Var-Met Oy

Var-Met Oy is Kuopio-based metals company founded in 1995. Its operations include subcontracting, industrial maintenance, machine and equipment installations, flame-cutting services and CNC machining using advanced lathes and machining centres.